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At INDIGO AGE CAFE (Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food).
436 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4


If you are thinking about doing health and wellness retreats for your clients, come and learn how! And if you already doing health retreats for your patients, come and learn how to do them even better!

This opportunity is perfect for Health and Wellness Practitioners, Life Coaches, Naturopathic Doctors, Yoga Instructors, and Holistic Health Specialists who are passionate about holistic health, love to travel, and have an established client base that you want to serve at an even higher level. We would love to team up with you and create an amazing change in the world together!

Take away knowledge:
- How to easily do retreats around the world.
- About the 7 most popular types of retreats
- How to choose the best for your clients.
- How to structure customized retreats for maximum impact.
- How to use retreats as additional revenue stream.

Seats are limited.
Pre-register to secure your seat, by March 23th.
Email: svetlana@naturalhealthresorts.com

Your Host and Speaker: Svetlana Senyuk, Founder/Owner of Maxima Travel International Ltd., Wellbeing Travel Specialist. BC Reg.#29133 Organizer of INFORMATION SESSION ABOUT HEALTH & WELLNESS RETREATS FOR YOUR PATIENTS AND CLIENTS.

Your host, Svetlana Senyuk is the Founder of Maxima Travel International and a Wellness Travel Expert. She brings her 20 years of industry experience, connections, booking expertise and tour planning together to create and facilitate Journey's to Health & Wellness for her clients. Svetlana is dedicated to accompanying travellers to places around the world that have natural healing components. Her transformational tours leave people feeling re-energized, rejuvenated and re-vitalize. She inspires and empowers people to live healthier and happier live.

"Your health is in your hands. Let's use natural resources of our earth to improve it!.
The nature has everything we need for healthy and happy life and our longevity.
You will enjoy the best places in the world with natural earth resources, where you can improve your health condition and rejuvenate.
We provide a very efficient and personalized service for individuals and groups and provide a selective cultural program and
activities according to your interests and physical ability ".



Marina, how do you feel after completing our Health & Wellness tour? I feel great! It is such a relaxing vacation with so many unforgettable memories, truly wonderful. Thank you Svetlana for this amazing experience!
- Marina

What can I say, I want to do it again! Thank you Svetlana for being our guide, you have made this Health tour truly unforgettable!

What really stood out in my eyes is the attention to the group, politeness, and connecting the group to the local culture. Everything was on top level. I think everyone should come to Europe to experience this. I really hope there will be more tours like this in the future.
- Lidia

Svetlana, thank you very much for the wonderful and interesting tours and for your unlimited attention to the group. We continue to recall our experience during our trip and truly lucky to have you as our tour guide. You have set a very high bar with what you do and is an example to many tour guides.
- Maria & Mikhail

What do we do to change the world to be a better place?

We show places with Natural Healing components to the people around the world.

All our tours with health and wellness components to reenergize, educate, rejuvenate people for Healthier and Happier Life.

Our clients are looking for places with Natural Healing components, Natural and Organic Food, Movements (walking, different type of exercises, adventure, fitness), Breathing and Meditation Exercises, Peace and Quite, Culture, History and Spirituality Places.